K POP, Koreansk Butik, Koreanska lektion

K POP, Koreansk Butik, Koreanska lektion

Something About Korea


Studying in Korea

Do you want to study in koea?
you can find detailed information about universities and colleges.

Seafood kimchi paella

This introduces recipes for innovative kimchi creations easy to make for both Koreans and non-Koreans alike.

The top 3 Korean traditional drinks

1. Maesil Tea (Green Plum Tea)

Rejuvenate yourself with some cool, chilly and healthy green plum tea in summer!

2. Sikhye (Korean sweet rice drink)

 A Special and unique rice punch!!

Seoul Tourism

Harmony between Tradition and Modernity. Tourists can experience distinctive harmony between historical cultural heritage and modern culture.

Global Content Contest

Surprise invitation letter from LOONA! “Global Content Contest Talk Talk Korea 2021”

It’s hard to visit Korea due to COVID-19, but you can still join the global contest with LOONA!

K-pop(Korean Popular Music)

In general, K-pop can be thought of as a combination of pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B and electronic music, and because it has the characteristic of Asian performances combined with western sounds/music…


Touch of Korea

These are links that leads you to information on Korea in Stockholm.

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Korea Dramas – 2020

The Korean Wave, or Hallyu, refers to the popularity of Korean entertainment productions, including film, television drama, pop music and online games. 



Still haven’t tried making kimchi pancake? All right. you can have it the easy way.



Tteokbokki is one of the most popular and highly appreciated street 
foods/snacks in Korea and is typically based on gochujang.



The health benefits of kimchi have been scientifically proven, increasing the global interest in this Korean food.