K POP, Koreansk Butik, Koreanska lektion

K POP, Koreansk Butik, Koreanska lektion

[Creative kimchi creations] Seafood kimchi paella

Kimchi, a staple of Korean cuisine, has grown popular among gourmets worldwide as “tasty fermented food.” The spicy condiment can stand on its own but also goes so great with other foods. Kimchi as a secondary ingredient can enhance the taste of a dish or can create a new dish as the main ingredient.

This series jointly run by Korea.net and the World Institute of Kimchi every Thursday introduces recipes for innovative kimchi creations easy to make for both Koreans and non-Koreans alike.

Edited by Lee Jihae
Recipe and photos = World Institute of Kimchi

Paella is a traditional Spanish dish made with rice, meat, seafood and vegetables. The food’s name refers to a wide shallow pan without a lid, and rice fried on such a pan is also called paella. The dish’s yellow color comes from use of the spice saffron.

Today’s recipe for seafood kimchi paella uses kimchi instead of saffron. Pouring in white wine removes the fishy smell of seafood. The addition of wine and cooking over high heat make the alcohol evaporate and the wine’s sweetness permeate the rice. Exclusion of wine is also optional. 

100 g of (ripened) baechu (cabbage) kimchi, 80 g of chonggakmu (sliced radish) kimchi, 3 pieces of shrimp, 100 g of Manila clams, 100 g of short-necked clams, 120 g of rice, 25 g of onions, 10 g of garlic, 5 ml of white wine, 400 ml of kelp stock, 30 g of Parmesan cheese, 30 ml of olive oil and 5 g of Italian parsley 

1. Prepare ingredients
Finely chop 10 g of garlic and 25 g of onions. Slice 100 g of cabbage kimchi and 80 g of chonggakmu (sliced radish) kimchi into 1-cm pieces.

2. Fry seafood
Pour 25 ml of olive oil into the frying pan and fry the sliced garlic and onions only enough until their colors remain the same. Add the three shrimp, 100 g of Manila claims and 100 g of short-necked clams and fry. Pour in 5 ml of white wine to remove the fishy smell.

3. Fry rice
Once the mixture is nearly cooked, add 120 g of rice and fry.

4. Add broth and fry 
Slowly pour the kelp stock over the mixture. Boil for seven minutes until the mixture becomes thick.  

5. Put in kimchi and fry 
Add the baechu and chonggakmu kimchi, slowly pour kelp stock and stir for three minutes to maintain the mixture’s thick texture.

6. Steam until thoroughly cooked
Once the rice is two-thirds cooked, pour in the remaining kelp stock. Once the mixture gets watery, cover the lid and cook over low heat for three minutes.

7. Add olive oil and sprinkle cheese
Pour 5 ml of olive oil into the completed dish. Grate and sprinkle on top 30 g of Parmesan cheese.

8. Grind and sprinkle Italian parsley
Sprinkle on top 5 g of Italian parsley. 

Source : https://www.korea.net