K POP, Koreansk Butik, Koreanska lektion

K POP, Koreansk Butik, Koreanska lektion


Drizzly rainy days always go together with chilly and crispy kimchijoen for many Koreans.
Kimchijeon/kimchi-pancake is one of Korea’s all time favorite appetizer, snack, side dish and even a light meal!
Primary ingredients would be fermented kimchi, vegetables, seafood, and flour batter.
The hot,spicy,crispy, and a bit sweet and sour taste is good to have on gloomy and rainy days and is loved by even young children. The great thing about this is that it’s super easy to make!

Drizzle some vegetable oil on a frying pan and pour the kimchijeon batter like pancake.
After you have that one bite of kimchijeon with a trickle of soy sauce, you will understand why so many Koreans fall in love with this
Hope you fall head over heels with the deep, delicious taste of it as well!!

Still haven’t tried making kimchi pancake? All right. you can have it the easy way.
All you need to do is just PoUR,MIX, and FRY with this ready made kit!!!

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