K POP, Koreansk Butik, Koreanska lektion

K POP, Koreansk Butik, Koreanska lektion


KIMCHI, a fermented traditional vegetable dish. 
There are many variations in recipes and forms, using different vegetables such as cabbage, radish, and cucumber. 
The health benefits of kimchi have been scientifically proven, increasing the global interest in this Korean food.

Nutritional Value of KIMCHI
Kimchi is high in nutritional value and has many health benefits, earning its spot as one of the top five healthiest foods 
in the world according to American health magazine “Health.” 
Thanks to the fermentation process, kimchi contains lactic acid bacteria, a bacterium that helps with digestion and combats harmful bacteria. 
Kimchi also boosts the immune system and helps prevent the growth of cancer.

How to enjoy KIMCHI

  1. Try it on white steamed rice. It’s delicious on its own! 
  2. Try it with any noodles or ramen
  3. Kimchi also goes well with bread and meat dishes as a salad.  
  4. Well-fermented kimchi can be eaten by adding steamed white rice, sesame oil, 
    chopped vegetables , and mix them together on a frying pan. This is called kimchi fried rice.
  5. You can also make kimchi stew or kimchi pancakes.

You can enjoy kimchi with HatBan 
which is already cooked instant rice.

How to eat Hatban.
Open the plastic lid up to the dotted line, and microwave it for two minutes.

 How to store kimchi

You can store kimchi at room temperature or in the fridge depending on how acidic you prefer it to be. 
It is normally best to refrigerate it once you open the container to keep fermentation in check.